Here at Woodtron we design and maufacture our machines with our customers in mind. Becuase of that we use only the best quality componenets from all around the world which guarantee long life and reliability.

Workshop Series

Woodtron One/Woodtron One Auto

The Woodtron One is an entry level machine designed for smaller workshops with very limited space,where high quality and flexibility are still required. For those who require higher production but still have limited space, the Woodtron One Auto has simultaneous loading and unloading with the option of NC Controlled Automatic Labeling.

Production Series


The Advance is a heavy duty, high speed, stand alone nesting machine. It has been designed for the smaller workshop, with limited floor space where production needs do not require a fully automatic machine.

Advance Auto/Advance Auto Labeling

The Woodtron Advance Auto is a fully automatic nesting cell, with simultaneous loading and unloading of panels. For those requiring the next step in full automation, the Woodtron Advance Auto LB combines the fully automatic nesting cell with an NC controlled automatic labeling machine, creating the perfect solution for flexibility, performance and high production to help drive your business.

Premium Production Series

Pod & Rail

The Woodtron Pod & Rail is designed for any complex machining from single panels with multiple machining operations to large production runs. It gives you the ability to fully utilise aggregates and horizontal machining.


The Ultima, our newest model in the Woodtron range is the bench mark in flat panel nesting. Utilising a twin beam design coupled with a NC controlled labeling machine, this allows for simultaneous NC labelling, drilling and routing. The Ultima is unmatched in its speed and production output.